Southern Aegean islands Crete

Aegean Islands


     A variant of the askaulos is played also the southern parts of Greece, especially on the Aegean islands it is called tsambouna. The tsambouna has two canes which produce the sound. No drone is present. In the following video Theologos Grillis from Patmos Island in an old video from the 80s'. The speaker quotes that he is on of the last. Fortunately the tsambouna was saved, as you can see in the second video  which is taken from the 7th tsambouna meeting and the third video which is an improvisation of different tunes from the aegean region with a tsambouna by the group Daulute.







Crete Island


     Οn Crete island the bagppipe is known as askomantoura. The bag is usually with the hair outside. This is an optical difference. The two reeds of the chanter are made by cane and no drone is used. Actually the second drone works as the drone. In the following Damianos Vassilakis is playing a pentozali.




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