Perfecture of Pella in the geographical department of Central  Makedonia


     In the perfecture of Pella there is only some sporadic presence of gaida, although it was quite common in the past. Here the gaida was replaced by brass

instruments introduced by the French Army during the first world war. Dietrich recorded Botsvaris Nikolaos from Aridea before 2000. Nowadays only Diskos

Anastasios from the village of Xifiani is known to play the gaida.

     The Melody, which can be heard in the following video, is known throughout Macedonia, and it is danced za ramo (holding shoulders) by many communities

regardless of the language they speak, or which side of the modern borders they live. From the CD "Makedonikes Mousikes Rizes" produced by Dimitris

Ioannou and "Akrites Almopias" with Anastasios Diskos (gaida, kaval, floyera), Eleftheria Ioannou (tambura), Nikos Lagoudis (tambura), Dimitris Ioiannou

(daouli, toumbeleki).





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