New music

The gaida in modern Greek music


     The greek  gaida, and the other types of askaulos almost vanished to be lost forever. 1971 Dionisos Savvopoulos published his 3rd record called Ballos "Μπάλλος". Folk music was not very popular at the time among young people. Savvopolos comitted himself to prove that traditional music is: "first class music with high poetic value and it originates from deep within the Greek people" (Pissalidis, 1994). The first song is a 16 minute balkan rock song. where Theodoros Kekes from Kiani Village (Evros perfecture), who lived in Athens at that time, plays his gaida in a part of the song. It was the first time a gaida met with an electric bass and a drumset. Greek folk rock was born. The gaida part is between 3:57 and 5:52


     The growing interest for the gaida in recent years helped to save the instrument, and the old songs, from extinction in Greece. The gaida is not a folklore instrument any more. New music is written for the gaida, as an example two songs and two covers. The first song is from the Cretan group Xainides called "η τιγρής" meaning the tiger. The song is sung by Psarantonis from Crete, the gaida is played by Lefteris Grigoriou.



     The second song is called "μιλώ για σένα" by Thanasis Papakonstantinou. The gaida is played by Giorgos Makris from Alistrati village



The first cover is from the group Thrax Punks playing a cover of a punk song from the greek punk group Vanvalup



     The second cover is from my own project called Tot Kamoupa where new songs are played with old instrument. Two covers in one song. Ramone's The KKK and OMD's Enola Gay from a life performance in Thessaloniki at "ekt6os".



     And a last one is from a concert in Samothraki island with me (Athanasios Ouzounis) on the gaida, Giorgos Stavridis from Panx Thraks singing and the percussion group krousi on the rhythm section.



The gaida, bagpipe, askomantoura, tulum, tsambouna or whatever you want to call it is back.


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