Geographic distribution

Geographical distribution


     Greece is not a country normally associated with the bagpipes, but in fact bagpipes have a long and ancient history in the Balkan region going back many hundreds of years. An ancient tradition does not easily die, and the Greek bagpipes have carried on with almost an outlaw personality. Local musicians, rough and ready, have found the perfect niche for the exciting, wailing sound of these ancient instrument playing at carnivals and dance gatherings in local villages and at local tavernas (Dietrich, 2003). Eminent musicologist Wolf Dietrich worked in Greece from 1972-2003, during these years he recorded in the areas where bagpipes are still played . At that time the bagpipe was dying out in Greece. As Dietrich mentioned: "There is no revival of the bagpipe in Greece like in the other European countries". Fortunately after the year 2000 many young people started learning the gaida and the tsambouna again.


     In Northern Greece the gaida is played in many regions. Each region has it's own distinct sound, songs and lyrics.

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