Northern Evros region


     The most known is in the geographical department of Thrace. Especially the northern Evros region where the instrument survived and some  gaida players managed to published their music. In the following video Theodosis Logaroudis can be heard.


In the following video Paschalis Xristidis can be heard






Στο παρακάτω βίντεο ακούγεται ο Πασχάλης Χριστίδης από το Διδυμότειχο.



As already mentioned, the gaida almost vanished, but in the last years the interest for the gaida has risen. The following video is from the third gaida meeting in Didimoticho in 2010.


Comparison of four A chanters A . The first two are the Evros. The third one is a Bulgarian-Evros type hybrid manufactured in Greece. The fourth is a Bulgarian. In the second picture note that the opening of the Evros gaida is not conical like the fourth Bulgarian one.








All chanters are from the personal collection of Athanasios Ouzounis

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