Documentary about the gaida, Zountsa Tania

Tania Zountsa about her documentary:

As a musician I often try to identify what the essence of sound is and how I became interested in it in the first place. In search of a topic valuable to me, in order to start my Thesis research last year, I tried to go back, many years back and remember my first real-life musical experience. It was at the age of 2 or 3 years old, at my mother’s village in Greece during an Easter Celebration. In this photo you can see a moment, captured at the time of this experience. A solo performance of the instrument called “Gaida”. Looking back at it now, this could have been the start of my musical journey. In this picture, my grandmother Soultana, next to the “gaida” , two of the ingredients that shaped what I am. The place? My mother’s village, ” Asproneri” -White Water- located in Thrace, the most northern part of Greece, where my Grandmother grew up. I remember myself crying when I first saw and heard the gaida. I was afraid of it thinking that it was actually a real, alive goat making sounds and screaming desperately . Now, so many years later, I still have these feelings of curiosity, admiration and love for that particular sound which brings so many memories to me…. smells, images, tastes and experiences. The sound of Gaida has something so primitive, so pure, ecstatic and psychedelic, that intrigues me so deeply, and definitely is worth this research and attention you can witness on the documentary, that will be released shortly. Stay tuned…!

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