greek links thracian punk in its best from Evros region one of the youngest groups playing music from Evros region northeast of Greece


international links Wiebe Stodel's Bagpipedia. The very first extensive encyclopaedic dictionary of international terminology of bagpipes and related instruments. An organological-linguistic study, provided with several appendices. excelent bulgarian type gaidas made by Petko Stefanov and his son Yavor located in Sofia, Bulgaria website about our north neighbours' kaba gaida ethnic music from Switzerland έethnic music from Australia an international organization about the bagpipe the bagpipe society


contributing photographers and graphic artists my website as a photographer. All photos and artwork on this webpages were madet by myself, unless stated below. Posters of events excluded. the blog of photographer Nikos Ntarlagiannis contributor of the bannerphoto

eggs-in-art the blog of photographer Giorgos Giannopoulos contributor of iconiv photo of Vlachos Sideris in the recordings section the website of the photographer Thanasis Lomef Zacharopoulos. Contributor of the recordings menu photo 





                                                                                                                                                                   the website of "The Pepin Press BV". Contributor of the the gaida in Greece menu photo