A new publication from our archieves of field recording of gaida players from the time period of 2008-2018. These field recordings are self sponsored. Mr Tsilogiorgos Nikolaos is the last [...]

Watch the teaser of the new documentary of Gioegos Arvanites about the askaulos at https://thejourneyofaskavlos.com/

March celebration

Mar 1, 2021

New Years Carol 2021

Jan 1, 2021

<p>Σας εύχομαι καλή χρονιά από το χωριό μου τη Μεσορόπη Καβάλας στο Βόρειο Παγγαίο.</p> <p>Ένα χωριό του οποίου ο πληθυσμός αν και δεν άλλαξε λόγω των ανταλλαγών στις [...]

Tania Zountsa about her documentary: As a musician I often try to identify what the essence of sound is and how I became interested in it in the first place. In search of a topic valuable to [...]