The 7th evros gaida seminar has reached its end. Many young kids participated in order to get acqainted to the beauty of the evros gaida. The highlight of the 5 day seminar was without any [...]

Theodosis Goudosis from Asvestades village is teaching young bagpipers. photography (c) Athanasios Ouzounis

Sarsakis Giannis is the man behind the gaida ensemble of Didymoteicho counting up to 60 bagpipes. As a painter he has worked on many mural paintings in churches. In one of his latest works [...]

Description The International Bagpipe Organisation warmly invites you to participate in the Fourth International Bagpipe Conference to mark International Bagpipe Day 2018 (10 March), a [...]

The music school of Drama is inviting you to celebrate the internationa bagpipe day. Start 19:00. Drama.